[Replay] ADHD, Gender Bias & Medical Research with Creator Sydni Rubio

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This week I talk with ADHD content creator Sydni Rubio about gender bias in medicine and what to look out for as a patient.


Sydni’s diagnosis story and personal experience with gender bias
Sydni gives her take as a scientist on gender issues in medical research
How can patients be more discerning when reviewing medical research
Sydni’s work with Inflow and how she came to do what she loves for a living
Mentioned this episode:

The gender gap in ADHD diagnoses – https://www.getinflow.io/post/diagnosis-data-review
Inflow – https://www.getinflow.io/blog
Twitter handles:
– Sydni @WhatTheADHD
– Inflow: @get_inflow
What in the ADHD? YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/whatintheadhd

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