My Top 8 of 2018

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It wouldn’t be late December (eek!) without a year-in-review episode. In this episode, I cover what’s kept me rocking with my Top 8 of 2018.

My Top 8 of 2018

1 – Accountability – From online accountability groups to power hours and 1:1 coaching, this year wouldn’t have been possible without some mindset coaching from the wonderful Jamie Lee and events like BullCon ‘18. I even got inspired and launched my own accountability group for ADHD women!

2. Podcasts – I’ve been listening to them obsessively for the last couple of years, and this year I launched my own! I connected IRL with other podcasters and podcast fans and even went to a live taping of My Favorite Murder in Austin! (I’m pretty sure Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered will make my Top 9 of 2019.)

3. Habit tracking – I took Hungry Girl’s 80-20 approach to dieting and applied it to multiple areas of my life. It’s working!

4. Intermittent Fasting – Gin Stephens and the Delay Don’t Deny movement have set me on the right course to finally figuring out the food piece of my wellness Rubik’s cube.

5. Early Mornings & Morning Routines – h/t to AmyTV for getting me excited about waking up early and setting myself up for going after the life that I want.

6. Baby cuddles: Enough said.

7. Trash TV with the husband: Again, need I say more?

8. Lady Friends – From online communities to IRL friends and coworkers, females are strong as hell and I connected with a ton of amazing ones this year.

Until next year – Happy Adulting!

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