Decluttering Tips for ADHD Women

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 In this very special episode, I interview my sister Laura Snyder, upcycle artist extraordinaire and founder of Gnarly Clocks. We dish on Netflix’s new special Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and she shares her thoughts on clutter, crafts and lots of cats. And, of course, her top decluttering tips for ADHD women!

This is definitely my favorite episode so far and definitely the most ADHD conversation ever. I hope she visits again real soon!

Couple of my favorite take-aways about decluttering:

– When selecting your Keep items, base it on your real self, not your aspirational self. This goes for skirts, books and anything else that’s going to stare you in the face and make you feel less than.
– Don’t pack so much into a box that you can’t even lift it. This is a good rule of thumb for anybody, but it’s especially useful for those with ADHD because it’s an easy rule to remember!
– Be honest about how long said decluttering project is going to take. Be wary of getting yourself into a project that’s going to take way longer than you anticipated. Instead, consider breaking this up into bite-sized pieces. 

To check out my sister’s art, you can visit Gnarly Clocks on Facebook, Instagram and on her website!

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