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Adulting Club

Adulting Club is an online accountability group hosted by Adulting With ADHD. We’re students, professionals, moms, bakers, lion tamers, and sometimes all of the above. Our common thread is our diagnosis … and the desire to get things done dammit!


This 26-page PDF was repurposed from a presentation I gave on estrogen and ADHD. Convenient to have on-hand for life’s major milestones of menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. 


Struggling at work? This PDF walks you through the basic steps I took to get my career from striving to thriving within a year after my diagnosis. Includes includes three of my favorite worksheets for handling ADHD on the job and covers the following topics: ADHD & Women, Your Treatment, Your Rights In The Workplace, Productivity Tools, and Building Your Support System.

So you got your diagnosis – now what? The 15-page Quick Start touches on the basic areas of life with ADHD. Includes chapters on Self-Care, Domestic Goddessing, The Workplace, Finances, and Relationships.


Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Home Training Kit

The Excellent Brain Home Kit for ADHD is a comprehensive package providing you with a personalized training program enabling you to make use of advanced neurofeedback technology to improve your concentration and cope with ADHD. 


Mosaic 728x90