Best ADHD Resources for Women: Wellness

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From online therapy to magical kitchen appliances, there are plenty of ways to enhance your lifestyle while living with ADHD. Here are a few of my top wellness picks.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of the most important things that helped me through coping with my ADHD and concurring depression and anxiety is speaking to a cognitive-behavioral therapist. These specialists work with you on thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help you address your present-day challenges. In my case, I lucked into a CBT practitioner … I didn’t even know what one was when I was desperately calling every number on my insurance provider list.

Not everybody is that lucky. Sometimes you need to go through a dud or two (or more) before you find somebody who really works well with you. Or you don’t have insurance. In the era od COVID-19, it’s even more important to have ongoing access to remote therapy regardless of insurance status.

Not familiar with CBT? Here’s a quick primer from (aff) :

Weighted Blankets

I have a soft spot for Mosaic Weighted Blankets (aff), based in Austin, Texas – right down the road from me in San Antonio. Weighted blankets like Mosiac use deep touch pressure to help you relax and sleep better. The weight within the blanket lowers stress and cortisol, and creates a calm feeling by raising serotonin levels in the brain.

Mosiac’s USA-made blankets are created with non-toxic materials and are just gorgeous. My favorite one is this Lavender Minky Weighted Blanket. Mosaic Weighted Blankets was created when founder, Laura LeMond, discovered that adding weight to her feet at night helped her sleep. This was eventually incorporated into a blanket that would provide the same amount of weight all over. Adding weight and pressure to the muscles relaxes, calms and causes a secure feeling. Weighted blankets provide a way to help calm down and truly relax people. From anxiety to insomnia, there are many ways ADHD women can utilize this weighted blanket as a treatment tool.

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