Mourning With ADHD


First, an apology for going dark. We had a death in the family and I needed to put the podcast on hiatus. As a result … you haven’t heard from me lately! Just wanted to pop in for a quick update – I am officially back. Over here in Texas, the wildflowers are starting to make their appearance and reminding us that time marches on. Like the nerd I am, of course I’ve been reading up a lot lately on mourning and ADHD.

Just like surviving ADHD I’ve turned it into a project, I’ve gotta hack it, gotta get it under control. Like it’s something quickly fixable like getting on YouTube and learning how to do an oil change. Then, interesting enough, over the course of my readings, I’m coming across a lot of things that also could apply to the ADHD journey. Funny how that happens.

Stuff like:

1 – Obsessive worrying gets you nowhere. But saying no to worry and enjoying the good stuff around you helps. (Easier said than done, I know!)

2 – When it gets too overwhelming, just focus on the next immediate thing. Even if that next thing is getting up and getting a glass of water.

3 – Know that if you’re facing a big decision (or creating one for yourself needlessly), there may not be THE right answer. What if both options are the right answer? (This obviously isn’t always applicable. For example, you probably shouldn’t bribe colleges to enroll your children. Sorry, Aunt Becky.)

4 – It will all come out in the wash. Stop obsessively running around trying solve and hack all the things. There’s a big picture at play – and whether you’re uber scientific, uber religious, all of the above, or something in between – this piece of information always checks out: you aren’t 100% in control.

So ….. I hope that helps if you’re going through something. These things help me (when I actually remember them). ⠀


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