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Mindfulness with Katie Dutcher of Flourish & Bloom

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Today I am very excited to introduce you guys to Katie Dutcher a Monterey, Calif.-based mindfulness and meditation teacher. The benefits of mindfulness and ADHD have been well-documented in our community, especially in the areas of focus and self-control.

I first met Katie at BullCon 2018 and immediately started participating in her Joyful Living Challenge, which has made a huge impact on my daily health habits.

Her newly launched Flourish & Bloom Collective – a membership group for mindfulness and personal growth – will no doubt be incredible as well.


– A little about Katie and Flourish & Bloom.
– What is mindfulness?
– How can we utilize mindfulness to help with anxiety, especially in the era of COVID-19?
– Katie recommends one daily habit you can adopt now to improve mindfulness.
– What Katie’s up to these days and where we can find here.

Katie is also the author of two workbooks, Courage Amidst Uncertainty and Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety, and co-founder of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. Monterey Bay Meditation Studio also has its own free online community, and you can keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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