Here’s Why You Rock, But Are Still Struggling

(Hint: It’s not because you’re broken.)

adhd women support group

Another week and you’ve decided this is the one where you’ll have it together. Maybe you’ve done a little meal prep or calendar blocking, or maybe that’s all part of your Someday Plan.

You’re on your millionth notebook, and you’ve vowed not to lose it this time. You’re also trying a new app that is going to be THE ANSWER to all of your problems.

Yet no matter what you do, your flailing and you know it.

You have every intention of cleaning your car, but weeks go by without it getting done.
You’ve always wanted to teach yoga, but you’re in the weeds with how to get started.
You’re drowning in your soul-crushing job and you want to either move up or move out yesterday.
You want to do more with your kid, but you’re drowning in all the have-tos.

It all feels rigged no matter what you do.

The problem is: you need accountability

But it needs to be:

Simple enough to stick to, but still effective
Safe and private in a stigma-free zone
Flexible enough to work with your ADHD mind
Structured enough to still move you forward

Enter: Adulting Club: the club you never knew you always wanted

Adulting Club is a private online peer support group for women with ADHD. We’re students, professionals, moms, bakers, lion tamers, and sometimes all of the above. Our common thread is our diagnosis … and the desire to get things done dammit!

Totally Off Facebook, Totally Private
Weekly Accountability Thread & Mid-Week Check-In
Book Club, Tool Talk  & Other Super Useful Topics
A  Zero-Stigma Zone

“I am so grateful to have found Adulting with ADHD. I joined this group for ADHD support and accountability. I have experienced exactly that, plus so much more!”

“This group has helped me to achieve so many of my goals since joining. Having a group that understands and supports me to report back to every week has not only kept me on track, but helped me see all of the little victories that I might have missed otherwise.”

“I think the group will be a great help to people with ADD/ADHD. The moderator of the site is great with keeping up with the content.”
– Member Since July 2018

Why Adulting Club?

Regular Check-Ins

Meet and relate with other ADHD women who are just trying to get through the day – just like you.
While to-do lists and calendar reminders are nice, they don’t talk back. We do.

Easy Subscription Model

Start and stop membership with ease. Going on vacation? Put it on pause.
Ready to take on the world again? Turn it back on.

Cleanly Organized Into Themes

Discussion topics are organized into themes, and you only opt into what you want to hear about!
Don’t have a kid? Skip the leaky diapers talk. Stay-at-home mom? Opt out of the workplace venting.

About Me (Host/Moderator)

As the brains behind Adulting With ADHD, my career went from striving to thriving within a year after being diagnosed in 2015 at the age of 34. My writings on the topic can be found in ADDitude, Bustle, Bitch, Bust, and I was a featured guest on the Faster Than Normal and See in ADHD podcasts.