How To Set Up Google Home For ADHD

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Have you tried to set up your Google Home for ADHD yet? Let us count the possibilities!


Setting up your Google Home for ADHD is a great way to organize life just by rattling voice commands off the top of your head. This quick guide will get you started.

Google Home can help those with ADHD live an easier life in multiple ways. For example, you can ask it to play music while you are cooking, or remind you to call someone. All you need to do is ask your Google Assistant. Similarly, you can prepare a list just by sending commands to it.

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Device Set-Up

  1. Provide power supply – To start the speaker, plug the power cord beneath the speaker and put the power adapter into a power outlet. After this, the device will boot up automatically, waiting for responses from your Google Home app. The device is ready to use, now you need to set up your Google Home for the next step.
  2. Get the Google Home app – Download the app into your smartphone or tablet. In case you are using Apple products, you will also need to install Google Assistance. Open the app. There is a + sign at the top left corner of the screen. Tap the symbol, it will reveal further options. Tap ‘set up device’ then ‘set up new device in your home’. Now tap on the home where you want to set up Google Home. Then tap next. It will start searching for nearby devices. When the speaker shows up, it will ask you if this is the device you are trying to set up. Tap, yes, to let it continue.
  3. After this, the Google app will connect to the speaker and play a few tones to let you identify the right device. If the correct speaker plays the tone tap yes. Next, it will ask you to agree with an arbitration clause in Google’s legal terms and conditions. You can agree with it or tap no thanks on the screen. At this point, you will be asked if you want to help Google to improve its services. It is up to you if you want to assist them or not, tap yes, I m in or No thanks to continue. Now you will see a list of rooms in the app. These are the rooms where you can keep your speaker for Google Assistance. Tap next to continue.
  4. Connect the speaker to wifi – The system will need a wifi connection to carry out its functions. Select your wifi network and enter the details to ensure the speaker is linked with an internet connection. Now tap next. In case, if you are have used it before, you can enter with saved the password by taping ok. It will enable you to access Google Home faster in the future. On the other hand, if this is your first time using Google Home, place a password on the device. Tap Next, and you will see the speaker is connecting with the wifi and set up begins. Now tap next again.
  5. Activate voice match – Here, you have to decide whether you want to turn on Voice Match or not. By keeping it on, you will get personalized suggestions from the assistant. Google Assistant recognizes your voice, hence it will vary suggestions based on your commands and personality. If it is off, the recommendations are not for different individuals in the house. The Google Assistant allows ten people for personalized advice. At this point, tap next to activate ‘voice match’ or tap ‘no thanks’ to keep the option off. If you activate Voice Match, you have to agree to allow the assistant to make voice models. Tap on ‘I agree’ to do that.
  6. Now you have to set the voice model with the app. To do that, you will have to say ‘Hey Google’ and ‘okay Google’ a couple of times. It allows the Google Assistant to recognize your voice and identify the person giving commands. However, if Google assistant already has your voice model, you don’t have to do anything.
  7. Personalize your Google Assistant – Now you can personalize your voice assistant a bit. They usually come with different voices, and you get to select the voice you like. Tap on the sample sounds to play and choose one. Then tap next. If you like any type of service, you can add them to your Google Home at this point. For example, if you like music, you can add the music service to your Google Assistant. This way, you can command it to play music from your account any time you like. Tap next and select the music service you use. Then tap next and add other accounts like radio service and TV services.
  8. Add your phone number – Once you add all the services, the most important task for Google assistant is still left. You can use it to receive or make calls with the help of Google Duo. Tap continue to complete the procedure. Now select your phone number. Tap next, and a verification code with be sent to the number. It may load the code automatically if it does not put the number manually on the system. Tap ‘done’ and your account is complete. With this step, your Google Home set up is finished. Now you can enjoy this new addition to your home.

Google Home for ADHD – The Big Three

Now, this is where the magic happens. There are three main functions in Google Home that you will need immediately: setting timers and alarms, making lists and using a calendar.

Create A To-Do List

People suffering from ADHD tends to forget about everyday tasks. But if you set up Google Home, you won’t have much trouble in your hand. Just say “okay Google” and ask it to add things that you need to do. For example, “add feeding the birds in my to-do list”,  you could also add taking care of the laundry. A simple command can take note immediately. Then all you need to do is ask Google to read the to-do list for you. It is that easy.

Set Reminders

This is probably the most useful function there is if you forget about things easily. You can set up your alarms with voice commands like “hey Google, remind me to start cooking at 6 pm.” You can also add other tasks like remind me to clean the table or remind me to take out the garbage. Set these alarms whenever you remember with the ease of voice commands. Your assistant will remind you of the tasks at the exact moment you have asked it to. It makes life simple and easy.

Maintain A Calendar

If you are bad at maintaining a schedule, which is common for ADHD patients, you know you need a good calendar. You can add events to your calendar saying “okay Google, remind me to wish my mom on Mother’s day”, or “hey Google, I have an appointment with my dentist on Thursday.” Once you have set these events, all you need to do is ask Google to read out your events for the week or a particular day. Then you cannot miss any events coming up ahead.

More Ways To Use Google Home for ADHD

Beyond to-do lists, reminders and calendars, here are some other ways to make the most of your Google Home device.

  • When it’s time to zone out at bedtime, say “hey Google, what does rain sound like?” and you will be soothed with white noise until you fall asleep.
  • Combine Google Home with your favorite music service (Such as Spotify) to play music on command. For example, you can say “hey Google, play “Vogue by Madonna.”
  • For cooking, exercising and other tasks that require a timer, just say “hey Google, set timer for X minutes”.
  • Never be caught in the rain without an umbrella again. Train Google to give you a rundown of the day, including the weather and commute information. You also can hear all of your calendar items and reminders for the day.  To set this up, open your Google Home app and go to Assistant Settings -> Google Assistant –> Good morning. In addition to the Good morning routine, there also is Bedtime, I’m home, Leaving home, Commuting to work, and Commuting home.
  • Add items to your Shopping List by saying something like “hey Google, add milk to Shopping List.” To retrieve this list, open Google Home and go to Assistant Settings –> Services –> Shopping list.

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