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Favorite Things: Productivity Edition

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It finally makes sense that I’m a productivity geek … when you have ADHD productivity matters a lot! Here are a few tools that keep Sarah, Inc. chugging along.

1 – Self Journal

I start every day writing down what I’m grateful for and what I need to accomplish for the day. And even when I fall out of routine, because of the way the journal is structured, I can just pick it right back up and take from where I last left off. No fuss, no muss!

2 – White Noise Compilation

This saves me at work all day, every day, as I work in an open office space. I’ve been using the same compilation for going on two years now … it never gets old.

3 – Flapjacks!!!

For the productive goddess on the go, pair these babies with some berries and you’re set. While you’re cutting on time and effort, you don’t have to cut on nutritional value. And as we all know, proper nutrition is critical for the ADHD brain.

4 – FitBit Charge

As you can tell from No. 1, I’m big on tracking everything. How else can you improve if you don’t know where you are? The FitBit dashboard is sleek and easy-to-review, helping me make sure I’m getting in all of the movement, water and sleep to keep me a well-oiled machine.

5 – Nature’s Truth Essential Oil

When you can’t have stimulants, you’ll take all the help you can get! For those of us trying to treat ADHD naturally, a swift whiff of their essential oil for focus can help keep you alert when that 2:30 p.m. brain fog hits (for us 9-to-5’ers).

6 – Adult Coloring Books

These come in handy when it’s time to rest your brain, but it still wants to run around. This way, you aren’t running yourself ragged doing real work, but you’re still letting your brain do some roaming.


What are your favorite things for getting stuff done? For more tricks and trips for living la vida ADHD, be sure to sign up for the Quick Start Guide for ADHD Women!


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