Hold Onto Your Butts … A (Career) Change Is Coming

The Adulting With ADHD Career Challenge is 7 days of support emails, walking you through all the steps of thriving in your job with ADHD. Don’t have time to wait? Grab the full ebook now – complete with bonus material.

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Both options come with a 7-day challenge, covering the following topics: ADHD & Women, Your Treatment, Your Rights In The Workplace, Productivity Tools, and Building Your Support System.

The Challenge Upgrade includes three of my favorite worksheets for handling ADHD on the job.

About Me

Diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s, I’ve acquired a diverse set of experiences in the workplace, from small businesses to national corporations and even full-time freelancing. Once I was formally diagnosed, I became exposed to life-changing tools that I want to now pass to other fellow ADHD’ers.

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Feel free to drop me a line at contact at adultingwithadhd dot com!