Best Home Gadgets for ADHD Adults

Smart home devices


From shopping lists to reminders, both the Amazon Echo (aff) and the Google Home (aff) have saved me more times than I care to count. When I think of something I need at the store, I love that I can just add it to the list on the spot. The same for setting reminders for meetings I have throughout the day. Sometimes the reminder goes off right before said meeting, and the attendees always say what a great idea that is and how they should start doing that, too.


The Instant Pot



Why I love the Instant Pot (aff) is simple: When you have no idea what’s going to appeal to you from one meal to the next … yet when it’s time to make something, if it doesn’t excite you, it’s harder to get motivated to make it. This is probably true for a lot of people, but I would venture to guess it’s amplified for us ADHD’ers. And you can’t keep your fridge empty until hunger strikes or you’ll be totally screwed.

My No. 1 reason for loving the Instant Pot: Freezing all the meats, then being able to take them from frozen to cooked at a moment’s notice. Even the most kitchen-challenged person can pair said meat with steamer bags of veggies and a steamer bag of grains to have a magnificent meal. Best part? It’s healthy, affordable and super easy.

I discovered the Instant Pot a few years back and it has since rocked my world. Originating in Canada, it has since taken the U.S. by storm with its multi-function design that combines a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and more into one device. Before the Instant Pot came into my life, I was very hard-pressed to make meals at home. Part of it was meal planning, but the execution had a lot to do with it too. I wore myself out mentally just trying to figure it all out. Today? Even as a working mom with a young child, making a wholesome meal is no longer a special event – it’s normal.


Lost item trackers


tile for adh

This one’s such a no-brainer that I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet. The Tile (aff) is a device that you attach to items that you frequently lose around the house such as keys. When you lose said item, all you have to do is pull up the Tile app on your phone and it’ll tell you where it is!