Best Natural Sleep Aids for ADHD

Best Natural Sleep Aids for ADHD

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Many women with ADHD suffer from sleep issues either related to their symptoms or as part of a comorbid condition. While there are certainly prescription medications that can help us find sleep, some prefer to try finding the relief the natural way if they can. Natural sleep aids are usually supplements that are a combination of melatonin, valerian and chamomile. Most if not all state they are a non-habit forming, drug-free way to wake up fully refreshed. Here are a few of the best natural sleep aids for ADHD.

Tips for Shopping Online

It’s important to check a few things before purchasing. Visit the website of the products, check to see if there is valid contact information, an About Us page, return policy. A good sign that this company may not be trusted is if you see Lorem Ipsum generic texts. Be sure that you are purchasing from a company that you can count on to deliver the product as advertised. If the product has only a few reviews, it could mean that the business has not been offering this product very long, and may not know the origin of their product as well as others.

When price comparing, remember to check the “per count” price. A bottle that is $19 may be more expensive per pill than a bottle that is $30. Amazon conveniently has that price listed in grey text next to the price.

Here are some examples of the best sleep aids for ADHD:

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Genius Sleep AID 

Price: $18.95 Reviews: 2564 Avg star rating: 4 Price per count: 47 cents Capsules: 40 Genius explains on their website that manufacturers all copy each other and then try to sell for as low as possible. They want you to know that they aren’t part of that racing mindset, and they truly set out to make the best supplements possible without cutting costs. On the bottle, it states they’re a natural sleep aid and adrenal support supplement. They state they would like to “biohack” your life.. Consumers have stated in the reviews that this sleep aid that you take as needed, is a true aid, and not a daily pill that you get hooked on. It doesn’t make you feel groggy, and it improves your body chemistry so you can sleep better. The main ingredients are melatonin, l theanine, glycine, & inositol. Here’s where you can get Genius Sleep AID on Amazon.


Price: $20.85 Reviews: 5608 Avg star rating: 3.8 Price per count: 35 cents Capsules: 60 Amazon has this one listed as its Best Seller. Luna is vegan, has a lifetime guarantee to try it and if it doesn’t work they’ll give you your money back. The main ingredients are the  amino acid found in green tea L-Theanine, a neurotransmitter called GABA, Valerian extract, Chamomile extract, Passion Flower extract, Lemon balm extract, Hops extract and Melatonin. Verified purchasers have mentioned that the dosage amount is different for each person. For instance, if you take 2 and it makes you groggy, then try just taking 1. This product is well-loved, and many have said that the ingredients taken separately did not help with sleep, but taking it via Luna as a combination works wonders. Here’s where you can get Luna on Amazon.

Physician’s Choice Sleep Aid 

Price: $17.99 Reviews: 1410 Avg star rating: 4.4 Price per count: 30 cents Capsules: 60 I see that this is Amazon’s Choice, however, I must say, it throws me off a little that on one of the info-graphics they misspelled the word “shown” as “chown”. I know I make spelling mistakes, (as we all do), but it’s kind of odd to see it on such a large graphic that is on their Amazon listing. Usually, my radar would go off for something like this, but seeing as it is Amazon’s Choice, and the ratings, I digress. Verified consumers state that they used to take prescription medication and now they are taking this, didn’t see results right away, but eventually, it kicked in in less than a week and they are getting ample sleep because of it. The main ingredients are Suntheanine, Melatonin, Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile and P5P.

Something to note, I noticed that some people are Melatonin lovers, and some really do not like the side effects of it. When picking out a sleep aid for your ADHD, if you are aware that you get Melatonin hangovers, check for the one with the least amount of it. You can tell by seeing the order of the ingredient list. If listed at the end, its probably less potent than if it was listed in the beginning. Here’s where you can get Physician’s Choice Sleep Aid on Amazon. 


Reviews: 2377 Avg star rating: 3.9 Price per count: 19 cents Capsules: 60 Cost at the time this article was written: $11.37 With a name like Driftiff, who wouldn’t want to partake? What stood out fo me the most about this is the price is significantly lower than the others listed here. At $11.37, that is almost half of what it cost for the best seller and Amazon’s choice. Luna states to be vegan, but Drift Off is described as vegetarian. Drift Off has melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, L-tryptophan, Gaba, Passion Flower, lemon balm and Hops. Here’s where you can get Driftoff on Amazon.


I personally would vote on the Genius Sleep AID, seeing as that company could very well be a trailblazer. Could they be right when stating that the sleep aid companies all use the same ingredients and try to race each other to sell it for the lowest price? Genius lists inositol and glycine as ingredients, which stood out to me. You could always go with the consumer trusted vegan Luna that has over 5,000 positive reviews. Or maybe you’re thinking, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel, if the recipe for sleep aids ain’t broke-don’t fix it. No matter what you decide on with finding a natural sleep aid for your ADHD, remember to be patient with your body as it acclimates to the change, and say hello to those sheep for me!

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