Best Fish Oil Supplements for ADHD

best fish oil supplements for ADHD

Ironically you have fatigue over the supplement that everyone and their mother recommends to combat fatigue, eh? You’ve heard Fish Oil is good for you, but are you having trouble finding which one to purchase on Amazon? Here are the best fish oil supplements for ADHD.

Well, to start, let’s make sure we know what fish oil is. As a snapshot, fish oil is made from the tissues of oily fish. It has been said that taking fish oil as a supplement may help with ADHD symptoms. There are 2 types of Omega-3 fatty acids called EPA, (eicosapentaenoic acid, a fatty acid- obtained by eating oily fish) and DHA- (docosahexaenoic acid- that is a primary structural component of the human brain). Generally speaking, fish oil is known to reduce inflammation in the body and lower blood pressure.

Has decision fatigue made it impossible to find the best Omega-3 Supplement for your ADHD? What a world that we live in that by typing in a few words in a search field yields thousands of results. Rather than researching each product with a fine-toothed comb, I have done that research for you. The following are the best fish oil supplements for ADHD.

Online Shopping Tips

A tip to remember when using Amazon to find products is to visit the source of the product’s website. For example, if you found a product for $5.95 from a company named Susanne’s Super Sassy Sensical Supplements, visit the website. Check to see if there is valid contact information, an About Us page, return policy. Do you see generic text that looks like it’s from a template, and the website is not fully completed? Be sure that you are purchasing from a company that you can trust to deliver the product as advertised. Also, when price comparing, remember to check the “per count” price. A bottle that is $19 may be more expensive per pill than a bottle that is $30, and Amazon conveniently has that price listed in grey text next to the price.

Dr Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

Out of twelve thousand reviews, listed as Amazon’s Choice, this product has an average of 4.75 stars. Once you get past the Arrested Development joke reviews, consumers describe the supplement as going down smoothly and being of the softer variety. Dr. Tobias has a well-established website with literature explaining the benefits of fish oil and why his product is the best. He states that because the fish used for the product are from the wild and not from a farm, you receive up to 3 times the fatty acids. The price for this product is in the middle compared to others being $28.47 for 180, 16 cents per count. Here is where you can buy it on Amazon.

EPA- 800mg
DHA- 600mg
Fish Oil- 2000mg

Arazo Nutrition’s Omega 3 Fish Oil

EPA- 1200mg
DHA- 900mg
Fish Oil- 2250 mg

Arazo Nutrition states on their website that they have over 10 years of research into the research of their products. Arazo is definitely a legitimate company, with close to 3K user reviews on Amazon. Their products are heavy metal tested for purity, and all fish are caught in the wild. As stated on their Amazon listing, Fish oil benefits the health of heart, brain, joints, mood, mental state, skin & hair. That is on par with what their reviewers have stated. Many reviewers also mention that generally speaking, fish oil is good for the relief of dry eyes and that while taking it this one has less of the fishy aftertaste than what they have encountered in other Omega-3 pills. Going for $20 for 120 counts, these are in the low price range per bottle, but higher in price range per count, being 17 cents each. Here is where you can buy it on Amazon.

MAV Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

EPA- 1296mg
DHA- 864 mg
Fish Oil- 3600mg

Let’s just get it out of the way and say that all of these supplements are labeled as “Burpless”. They all have a lemon flavor, explain that they catch their fish from oceans, not farms and that they’re good for heart, liver, skin, hair, mental state, etc. This one has 80% of users from 2692 reviews reporting 5 stars out of 5 stars and is 15 cents per count $18.57 per 120. What stands out in the reviews of this product, is that the customers report that the company calls them in a non-intrusive way to talk about what they purchased and offered to answer any questions. Here is where you can buy it on Amazon.

BioSchwartz Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

EPA- 1200mg
DHA- 900mg
Fish Oil- 3000 mg

These supplements sound delicious. Amazon listing shows in big bold letters that they’re caught from “the pure, crisp waters of Iceland”, and manufactured in USA in a FDA approved facility. Just like the others, the Bio Schwartz Icelandic Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil is Burpless, Non- GMO, and lemon-flavored. There is still more that we don’t know about fish oil. Using Amazon reviews, and researching the product’s website, we will be able to make sure while we are finding out more that we are taking the best Omega-3 Supplements for ADHD! Here is where you can buy it on Amazon.

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