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ADHD, Puberty & Beyond With Calico Boyle

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Calico Boyle, founder of The ADHD Femme Collective, shares her experience with ADHD and puberty. She also shares her thoughts on ADHD and birth control/pregnancy and bracing for menopause. Listen to the pocdast here.


  • ADHD & Puberty: Factoring in Hormones (1:01) – Calico, who was officially diagnosed as an adult, already was showing signs of inattentive ADHD before puberty. These would intensify once puberty hit. “I have to say there really wasn’t a huge amount there in terms of data until I reached puberty, which was just like, boom, you know, and puberty is a big deal for girls anyway. But I, I exploded, my hyperactivity, really kind of rose. I have combined ADHD, although I am quite a sort of on the move person, which you know, has this benefit sometimes. And but I got an intense sense of frustration, restlessness, irritability, anger. Suddenly, as a young girl, my ADHD symptoms were far worse during my sort of pre-menstrual stage. And no, I did approach the doctor several times about this. And I got told that I had anxiety or depression”.
  • ADHD, Birth Control & Pregnancy (9:20) – “One thing I would say about pregnancy, which was a huge surprise, both of my pregnancies, and my mental health was amazing. And I cannot even explain, like how awesome I felt.”
  • ADHD & Bracing For Menopause (19:07) – “I’m gonna be fabulous.”

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