ADHD & Headaches: The Link and What You Can Do

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In this episode, I talk with Dr. Sarah Cheyette about the link between ADHD and headaches. Dr. Cheyette is a neurologist who specializes in ADHD and I saw her give a talk about the topic at ADHD Women’s Palooza.

The Link Between ADHD & Headaches

Sarah came to treat ADHD through headaches! She was seeing many patients in her practice who had awful headaches so she started to explore how the two were interconnected.

She found people with ADHD were often under a huge amount of stress, once the stress and ADHD were attended to their headaches often improved.

ADHD, Hormones, Lack of Sleep

It’s the perfect recipe for an ADHD storm, not sleeping, hormones, stress, and ADHD. Sarah points out for many people their headaches are hormone-driven, the headache can cause stress which can impact sleep. It’s easy to see how a person’s ADHD can be harder to manage around their period.

Getting to the Source of the Headaches

Finding out why a person gets headaches can be the key to improving their quality of life. For someone with ADHD Sarah says managing their symptoms is essential. The other important factor is having a plan of what to do when the headache occurs.


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