ADHD and Trans with Alex Petrovnia

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My guest, Alex Petrovnia, this week shares his experience of being diagnosed with ADHD and transitioning as a trans man.
Alex is a biologist and director of The TransFormations Project.

ADHD & Gender

Alex describes the beginning of 2020 as an interesting time, as the pandemic swept through the country he had two major revelations about himself.

He suspected he was trans and probably had ADHD. At first, he avoided dealing with either (something he doesn’t recommend!) but the quarantine forced him to deal with them.

Coming out

The first person Alex came out to was himself. He describes it as the most important coming out moment. Alex says he had come out to themself several times but suppressed it.
The other important person was coming out to his finance. His fiance came out as trans a few months later and they have been transitioning together.

Hormones and ADHD

Alex describes us as a deeply interconnected system, when there is something wrong with one part whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional it will all impact each other.

Alex was on HRT before he was prescribed Adderall for his ADHD. He says he experienced a shift, the Adderall with the HRT was effective. Alex explains when you have the correct brain chemistry it’s a moment when you realize how you’re meant to experience the world.

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Show highlights

2:40 min Coming out story

8:00 min HRT & ADHD meds

10:30 min HRT & changes in the body & mind

16:00 min Endometriosis

17:30 min HRT, mental health & testosterone

22:00 min medicine & misogyny

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