ADHD and Perimenopause: Finding Freedom in Diagnosis

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Entrepreneur Laura Forde describes her working life as being in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear.

The Londoner experienced job loss after job loss and became accustomed to managers telling her she was missing details. After the death of a family member in 2019 she sort help through a counselor.

ADHD as an Adult

Laura never realized not everyone felt like there were two brass bones going off in her head! After an appointment with a doctor at the Nightingale Clinic in London who life changed. She was given the piece of the puzzle she had been missing her whole life. Laura has inattentive ADHD.

Perimenopause & Adhd

Covid was a tough time for many people. Laura found she needed an increase in medication as her Adhd became worse. When she started experiencing worse brain fog and mood swings Laura knew something else was going on. Not satisfied with putting

up with it as ‘part of the course for women’ she sort help from her GP.

Finding a silver lining

Covid brought more changes for Laura when she was made redundant. She was forced to think about what she wanted to do to make an income. She shares how created her online shop Sonas Crystals and found her passion. Laura encourages anyone with Adhd to think about where their passions are and make space for creativity in their day.

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