Accountability with Claire O’Connor of The Five Percent

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In today’s episode, I interview accountability coach Claire O’Connor of The Five Percent. We talk about what this accountability stuff is and why it’s so effective. The accountability work I’ve done with Claire has A LOT to do with why Adulting With ADHD is still kicking – she really knows her stuff!


– A little about Claire and her accountability coaching practice

– How Claire got into accountability coaching

– What accountability is and why it works

– What to do when there’s no shortage of dreams, but you just can’t get it together
– What Claire is up to these days

You can find Claire on and on She’s offering 50% off of email coaching during COVID-19. For her 30-day text program for habit-setting, she also is offering 2 weeks for free.

You can find me at or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook at @adhdadulting.

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