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5 Distractions I Can Do Without In 2018

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I know, I know. We haven’t even had Christmas yet and I’m talking about 2018. But I can’t help it! There’s something exciting about starting anew, and what would be really exciting for me are fewer distractions! For example …

Open Office Spaces

I get it, they’re cool and cost-saving. But they’re also annoying as hell when you’re trying to get work done. Also, not to be a Grinch, but when did we all get together and decide to bring dogs to work? One at a time is cool, but I don’t enjoy having my crotch sniffed when I’m trying to concentrate.

Frivolous Push Notifications

A well-timed push notification can really help in a pinch. For example, I like knowing my prescription is ready. However, I don’t need to know your lip gloss is on sale while I’m just trying to pick up said prescription. Just turn them off, you say? If only they all were that easy to turn off! If only I wouldn’t get distracted by something else on their app while trying to turn off the notification.

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Door-to-Door Cable Salespeople

I get it, Company X is coming to my neighborhood and you want to temp me with some sort of package to tear me away from Company Y. Except that no matter who I choose, I’m always going to have an outage midway through This Is Us, which REALLY doesn’t help with the sobbing thing. Real talk though? Aggressive no soliciting signs are your best friend, especially with a sleeping baby.

Robo Callers

I have a hard enough time screening actual people, now I have to screen for robots? I don’t even get the satisfying endorphin release of texting them “On my way” without having any idea why they’re calling.

Choose Your Own (Ad) Adventure

It’s annoying enough being sold to in the middle of Shonda night, but I get it. I sell stuff too, and we all have to make a living. But now you’re giving me one more decision to make in a day of too many decisions to begin with? Thaaaaaanks.

Which distractions can you do without next year?

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