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discreete fidget toys

Guest post by Laura Snyder

Everyone remembers that seagull from The Little Mermaid, Scuttle, right? He taught Ariel how to use a dinglehopper, to make her hair tangle-free and beautiful! Does Scuttle have anything to do with discreet fidget toys? Probably not, but it’s almost as though he’s infiltrated the internet, telling kids and adults alike: “Well, kid, these things are called fidget spinners. And what you dooooo is you SPIN them around when you are trying to focus on thoughts — like this!” How else did this thing catch fire?

Let’s take a look at why they’re popular, how discreet they are, and how they can be used at school or work.

FridayFun Tri-Spinner Fidget

Features: Strong, simply built, sturdy, has upwards of 3 minutes of spins.

It’s popular because of the way it spins for upwards of 3 minutes without stopping. There are videos of people spinning with pencils, on desks, in their hands, it seems to be a tool used to spin in your hand, on your desk or even through a pencil or pen. These are quiet, as long as it’s clean. It may be distracting to others because it does spin and make quite a bit of movement. It is a small device, so perhaps others will not notice it. Everybody is different in their preferences, but in my opinion I would feel spinning this might be attention seeking and not the type of fidget toy for me to use.

Jarvania’s Brass Fidget Spinner

Features: The best key features are easy to clean, easy to take apart and put back together, described by one reviewer as ” a mature person’s spinner”.

If truly brass, these spinners are popular because they’re heavier than other spinners, small, attractive, and look more distinguished. They seem to have longer spins, in upwards of 6 minutes, (with an average of 3-4 minutes). In reviews, a poker player mentions that he likes using this during games as opposed to playing with his poker chips as most do. These discreet fidget toys, if made with quality parts, quiet and small.

Fidget Cube by Ralix

Features: Spinners, buttons, rollers, flickers, and switches. Suitcase locks, light switch, silver ball, dice buttons, joystick,

The fidget cube can be found by many different manufacturers and is described as good for gamers. There are multiple functions on each side of the cube. This fidget toy may be lacking in discreetness, as it’s not flat, however it is small. There are many functions, which might cause your neighbor or someone standing in line next to you to ask what it looks like and what functions it has.

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy by Pro-Noke

The Flippy Chain Fidget Toy is smooth when rolling and twisting. It’s made out of bike chains that have been cleaned and de-greased and stainless steel parts prevent it from rusting. This toy is small and quiet.
The best key features: “Our story is simple: we created something for ourselves that would help lower stress levels during phone calls, meetings, and everyday issues that arise. After using it for a few days, coworkers began to get curious and asked for one. It quickly became a must-have item in the office! We knew then that other people can benefit from them as well.”

Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy by Tangle

Out of all of the other fidget toys, this one wins in the adorable category. The Tangle Jr is unique in design, colorful and has almost no sound. It is discreet and not made out of metal.

The best key features: The idea is to twist and tangle this toy up into different shapes, (not clicking or spinning). It serves the same purpose to help with fidgeting and concentration but has a different look and concept. There wouldn’t be any concerns about it rusting, replacing parts, or cleaning to maximize spin times.

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