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3 Ways The SELF Journal Helps Me Get More Done

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When you have ADHD and you’re trying to get stuff done, it helps to have an anchor. For me, that anchor has been the SELF Journal, a tool that has enabled me to get real about what I want to accomplish and throw out the stuff that doesn’t matter. Constructed to last 3 months, this journal focuses on one mega quarterly goal, as well as daily and weekly milestones. Here are a few reasons it works for me.

Quarterly Goals Just Make More Sense

Thinking of my life in terms of quarters enables me to enact real change while also giving me the flexibility to rotate my primary goal every 12 weeks. It allows me to make a specific writing project my Number 1 priority, for example, while knowing that there will be time during another quarter to focus on achieving a specific fitness goal. I would still build physical activity into my day, but for that one quarter, I am given complete permission to make that writing project my ultimate priority.

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I Can Pick It Back Up At Any Time

The journal has enough flexibility in it that if I end up taking a vacation or veer off-course, I can just jump right back into the journal on the next blank page. This is perfect for ADHD’ers who may struggle with ebbs and flows of motivation until keeping the journal becomes habit. The SELF Journal knows that life doesn’t always move according to plan, and it’s done a great job at striking a balance between structure and flexibility.

Gratitude and Recognizing Wins

I love that the SELF journal asks me to list the things I’m grateful for daily, as well as my wins. It’s important to keep these things in mind as you move forward with your goals. Not only is it good for morale, but it reminds you that progress is incremental and that it’s important to recognize it when it occurs.

While I’m still growing into this journal (for example, I use the daily pages much more than the weekly ones), I think it has absolutely had a positive impact on me these past several weeks. Knowing what your priorities are and assigning your energy according to priority is such an important skill, and this journal manages to walk you through that process in a simple yet powerful way.

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