Organizing Tips for Moms With ADD


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Organizing Tips for Moms With ADD

If keeping up with paperwork was hard before kids, the challenges multiply as your family grows.  What’s a mom to do? I took to Instagram to ask for the best organizing tips for moms with ADHD. The common culprits were: laundry, kids’ school stuff and meal planning. Here are some top tips for each of those challenges. (What do they all have in common? Parting with perfectionism!)

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1 – Don’t Fold All The Things

Professional organizer Susan Pinsky tells ADDitude magazine to not waste time folding things like undergarments. She also recommends eliminating as many steps as possible, as laundry is arguably the worst task possible for ADHD’ers. So much so that she goes as far as suggesting outsourcing or delegating. More of Susan’s tips

2 – Talk To Yourself & Record It

Dr. John Taylor recommends that you start the day off slowly so that you have time to collect your thoughts or even meditate. From personal experience, even though I don’t have a child in school, this sets me off on the right foot for all the things involved with a toddler. As far as to-do items, Dr. Taylor offers that you could make voice recordings to yourself the night before of what you need to do the next morning. More tips from Dr. Taylor

3 – Pay A Little More For Convenience

Refrain from feeling the pressure to cook a gourmet meal from scratch every single night. Make peace with spending a little extra money for a lot more convenience. This could be in the form of pre-prepared produce or curbside pickup. Or it could even mean meal kits or buying family dinners pre-made. There is no shame here as long as your family is eating well most of the time. More meal planning tips


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