5 Discreet Fidget Toys For Work

5 Discreet Fidget Toys For Work


Guest post by Laura Snyder

Everyone remembers that seagull from The Little Mermaid, Scuttle, right? He taught Ariel how to use a dinglehopper, to make her hair tangle-free and beautiful! Does Scuttle have anything to do with discreet fidget toys? Probably not, but it’s almost as though he’s infiltrated the internet, telling kids and adults alike: “Well, kid, these things are called fidget spinners. And what you dooooo is you SPIN them around when you are trying to focus on thoughts — like this!” How else did this thing catch fire?

Let’s take a look at why they’re popular, how discreet they are, and how they can be used at school or work.

discrete fidget toys

FridayFun Tri-Spinner Fidget

Features: Strong, simply built, sturdy, has upwards of 3 minutes of spins.

It’s popular because of the way it spins for upwards of 3 minutes without stopping. There are videos of people spinning with pencils, on desks, in their hands, it seems to be a tool used to spin in your hand, on your desk or even through a pencil or pen. These are quiet, as long as it’s clean. It may be distracting to others because it does spin and make quite a bit of movement. It is a small device, so perhaps others will not notice it. Everybody is different in their preferences, but in my opinion I would feel spinning this might be attention seeking and not the type of fidget toy for me to use.

Jarvania’s Brass Fidget Spinner

Features: The best key features are easy to clean, easy to take apart and put back together, described by one reviewer as ” a mature person’s spinner”.

If truly brass, these spinners are popular because they’re heavier than other spinners, small, attractive, and look more distinguished. They seem to have longer spins, in upwards of 6 minutes, (with an average of 3-4 minutes). In reviews, a poker player mentions that he likes using this during games as opposed to playing with his poker chips as most do. These discreet fidget toys, if made with quality parts, quiet and small.

Fidget Cube by Ralix

Features: Spinners, buttons, rollers, flickers, and switches. Suitcase locks, light switch, silver ball, dice buttons, joystick,

The fidget cube can be found by many different manufacturers and is described as good for gamers. There are multiple functions on each side of the cube. This fidget toy may be lacking in discreetness, as it’s not flat, however it is small. There are many functions, which might cause your neighbor or someone standing in line next to you to ask what it looks like and what functions it has.

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy by Pro-Noke

The Flippy Chain Fidget Toy is smooth when rolling and twisting. It’s made out of bike chains that have been cleaned and de-greased and stainless steel parts prevent it from rusting. This toy is small and quiet.
The best key features: “Our story is simple: we created something for ourselves that would help lower stress levels during phone calls, meetings, and everyday issues that arise. After using it for a few days, coworkers began to get curious and asked for one. It quickly became a must-have item in the office! We knew then that other people can benefit from them as well.”

Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy by Tangle

Out of all of the other fidget toys, this one wins in the adorable category. The Tangle Jr is unique in design, colorful and has almost no sound. It is discreet and not made out of metal.

The best key features: The idea is to twist and tangle this toy up into different shapes, (not clicking or spinning). It serves the same purpose to help with fidgeting and concentration but has a different look and concept. There wouldn’t be any concerns about it rusting, replacing parts, or cleaning to maximize spin times.

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How To Declutter A Small Living Space

How To Declutter A Small Living Space

Guest post by Laura Snyder

Going to work, school, the gym, restaurants with friends …  it’s hard to think of your home as anything other than a landing pad at times. In reality, your home is where your electronics live and those electronics have cords, mounts, and batteries.  Your accessories have accessories. The kitchen is a hodgepodge of things you might never use again but feel enough guilt not to dispose of since your loved one gave it to you. Luckily, there are ways to declutter your home that are quick and easy.

To name a few, water bottles, skillets, coffee cups, underwear, these all seem to be in piles or hiding where you can’t find them. Here are some ways to store these items where when you need them, they are easy to find, and when you don’t need them, they won’t be in your way creating a mess.

Water Bottles

Are you like me and have half a dozen water bottles, but they’re hard to find when you need them, or they’re  soaking somewhere to get rid of the mildew smell? When they’re stored in cabinets, they fall down and if one empty bottle in the cabinet falls over, they all do like dominoes. The makers of the mDesign Stackable Water Bottle Storage Rack knew what they were doing when they developed this BPA-free rack. By stacking them in groups of 2 or 4 and storing them in your cabinet or on your counter, you can find them easier and give your kitchen a more put-together appearance.


The next item that causes me unnecessary stress is the skillet. I have one of each size, and some of them are cast iron and some of them are Teflon-free. I have a white one from an infomercial, I have one from the 2000s that my dad gave me as a gift that I can never part with. They’re like Pokemon – Gotta catch ’em all! This Heavy Duty Pan Organizer is great for large cabinets that have extra space, you can set your skillets in it and still have room for your other pots and pans to lay next to them. Since most skillets advise to hand wash, this will also double as a drying rack.

Coffee Cups

Coffee or tea is a daily ritual, and it can be hard to keep up with the coffee cups. Using an organizational rack that fits in your cabinet is key. It needs to be as tall as your cabinet is, and if you have two of them you can maximize the number of cups that fit into your cabinet. The Cheesea Three Drying Stand is ideal, where you can dry your cups and store them upside down by their handle in your coffee cup cabinet.


I never thought in a million years I would be that person who suggests underwear organization, but it is crucial to know what you are working with. With these units, you can put them in your drawer and see all of your underwear, socks, and what every else you keep in that top drawer, and know when to start doing laundry again. Let’s face it, we all determine when to do laundry based on how many pairs of undies we have left. Don’t make laundry day a mystery- organize your underwear today! The Creatov Collapsible Underwear Closet Organizer is the easiest, and fits in most top drawers.

USB Cables

Phones, iPads, Kindles, etc, it’s easy to have a snake farm of USB cables in your bedroom. The Bamboo Deluxe Recharger Station is a cute way to charge your phones, etc with a place to store your cables.

That one is cute, but if you want to take this seriously, you would consider this 8-Port Desktop Universal Charging Station. It has eight USB ports, and slots to lay your devices in and would look attractive on your counter while providing easy access to your devices.


I just wanted a little section to say I’ve come to terms with batteries being  a major part of my life.  Organize accordingly. This battery organizer is great for knowing exactly where they are, replacing the dead ones and  moving on! No more battery drama as I like to call it. There is also a tester in this kit, so you know which ones are bad because the battery supplies the power to use the tester. ( note: you most likely can recycle batteries at your local hardware, or camera store).

TV Remotes

Losing your remote is no joke. I understand there are phone apps out there to replace the Roku remote, and people use Google Chromecast now, but losing the control to turn up and down the volume is not good. Some people like to use something like this armrest organizer on their couch, so they always know where the remote is.

I don’t think those work very well. They always get tucked into the cushions with the remotes. I prefer to hang mine on the walls so that I can see it in plain sight with a wall-mounted remote control holder. All day. Never worry about it being sucked into the sofa as everything else does. Including me time, and time, and time again.


When it comes to organizing shoes, frustrations ensues when I see shoe racks that suggest buying just one rack will solve all shoe organizing problems. The truth is , is that we have boots, flip flops, Keds, Chucks, Sperrys, etc,  and these are not stored the same as the other. High heels on a rotating shoe rack? Forget it. Here is what I have determined:

I would recommend this shoe tree for light, flat shoes that you wear daily or to walk in. This one tips over if you have several shoes all different weights, and is only good for Keds, Chucks, Sperry’s or any other shoe that is a smaller shape and lightweight.


shoe organizer

You’ve seen these cubby hole racks. It displays high heels in such a way that makes them look like art on display, all you need is a spotlight? But do we really want to put one pair of shoes per cubby hole? You can probably lay the pair on their sides and fit in a couple of pairs per cubby hole, and place this in your closet.

This over-the-door shoe organizer
is best for flats, or flipflops. It’s really easy to grab a pair in a hurry, especially if you get one that is clear. You can put this on the inside of your closet if you aren’t keen on your flipflop collection being on display in your bedroom.

Boots need their own rack. A boot rack may seem odd at first, but storing boots is best upside down. If you have them standing up with a pool noodle in them, they still fall over. Storing them upside down makes them easier to grab when needed, and puts the weight at the top. If you’re only wearing boots  seasonally, you might want them stored like this and put them on the top shelf of your closet, away from your other shoes:


Going to websites for as many bills as possible to opt out for paper mail was the best decision I ever made. But the piles of mail still exist. Usually, I have one counter or table dedicated to mail, or just papers in general. This steel file folder has helped greatly with  making sense of my mail, magazines, to-do lists, TV manuals, guides what have you:

It’s sturdy, it won’t break or lose shape if you move, and it has neat little hooks to hang your keys. As long as you store anything paper here, and shred anything that can’t fit, then you’ll be sure to have a neatly organized living space.

Handbags and Jackets

Let’s talk about bags. I have bags for every occasion. I have a few medium sized backpacks for when I want to go spend the night at my Mom’s house, but then I also have backpacks for my laptop. There’s the camelback for my hiking or cycling adventures, the cat carrier duffle bags in blue and pink for each cat, and about 5 purses that are constantly in rotation varying by size and occasion. I have a few duffle bags on standby for the rare gym trip or small vacations via car. Each bag is in use at some point, so I don’t want to hide them away in my closet never to be seen again. I like to be tasteful, but also store my bags where I can get to them easily.

Remember the high heel cubby holes? You can also use this purse organizer for bags.

Do you have a large corner of your office or bedroom that you’re not using? This Pursenal Butlerbe a cute addition to also store your handbags or jackets that you’re using daily or weekly while your other favorites are stored in a closet.


This spiral purse tree rack is much cuter, but I can’t imagine my bags hanging on this tree without tipping it over. This might be useful if you have many designer handbags, all similar in size and weight.

If you want to keep the ones you use the most out on display and the rest in the closet as far as handbags go, this hanging purse rack would be a great way to store handbags in the closet:

This hook rail are great for hanging jackets or handbags. Remember, the concept is to display the ones that you use often and then hang the ones in your closet that you rarely use such as luggage for the airport or that leather jacket that you only pull out for special “bad to the bone” occasions.

Canvas Bags

Do you live in a city that outlawed plastic bags and you find yourself knee-deep in a pool of canvas bags? This trunk organizer is a great way to organize so that you’ll always have them when you need them.

Or keep them in a wall-mounted collapsible file organizer.


What are your favorite go-to home organization finds? Let us know in the comments below!

26 Ways To Pamper Your ADHD Brain

26 Ways To Pamper Your ADHD Brain
As an ADHD adult, it’s important to “treat yo self” often. School days and work days can get pretty rough, and if you’re a parent it’s only worse. Do something nice for yourself to recharge and forget your woes briefly. It can be something as simple and cheap as an egg timer – a little and functional gift to yourself can go a long way to brightening a bad day. Here are some of our favorites.


  • ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. Not only will you get practical tips for organization, you’ll also learn some about the clinical nature of ADHD. Features excellent advice on self-help, as well as the wide range of support options available at any given moment.
  • ADHD According to Zoe: The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus, and Finding Your Keys. Author Zoe Kessler was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Learn from her life stories and advice as to how you can stop allowing a diagnosis to keep you down, but instead use it as a springboard for lessons about yourself and life. Kessler, who is a journalist and blogger, helps many people who have been diagnosed later in life with ADHD come to terms with it, sharing tips for becoming more organized and confident.


  • Spin Ring. When you have the need to fidget with something, wearing a spinner ring gives you the opportunity to use your fingers for fidgeting, decreasing pent up anxiety.
  • Purseket Organizer. When it takes you five minutes to find your car keys in your purse amidst all of your “stuff”, it’s time to consider organizing your purse. With the Purseket organizer, you can take your purse belongings and organize them nicely so you don’t lose time searching for anything. Choose from small, medium, and large!

At Work

  • Minimalist Day Planner. Sure, smart phones are nice for setting reminders, jotting down notes, and scheduling, but some women need to see their entire schedule on paper for effectiveness. Using a minimalist day planner, you’re well able to keep track of your daily tasks without extra “fluff” that only serves as a distraction. Simply jot things down as you need and look at your planner each day to see what your agenda entails.
  • Egg Timer. There’s nothing wrong with having a good old fashioned egg timer on your desk at work. Simply set the timer for up to an hour and let it tick away. This is great for keeping on task or keeping yourself to a specific amount of time for a break.
  • Stress ball. Get optimal stress relief by using a stress ball when anxiety starts to mound. Great for at work or at home. As you consistently squeeze the stress ball, you’re relieving anxiety and also strengthening your muscles and joints.

At Home

  • Aqua Notes. Ever been in the shower and wished you had a notepad and pen to write down a brilliant idea or jot down a reminder to do something later? With Aqua Notes, you’ll never again have to step out of the shower to jot down anything. Simply write it on the waterproof paper and pencil.
  • Noise canceling headphones. Who wants to contend with excess noise? With noise canceling headphones, you slip them on and all you hear is crisp, balanced, clear music. Bid outside noise goodbye with this nifty headphone set.
  • Label Maker. When it comes to organization, labeling things is one of the best ways to get your home or office in order. Use a handy label maker for a variety of applications, including labels for food storage containers, boxes, personal items, folders, and more. You’ll never have to open up five boxes in order to find what you’re looking for again!
  • Relaxation/Zen Fountain. When you just need to sit still and relax, there’s no better way to do it than with the sounds of falling, rippling water in the background. Enjoy water stream that offers a stress-free ambiance, helping you feel like you’re sitting beside a tranquil spring, allowing the water to wash your cares away.
  • Knock Knock Get Your Shit Together Note Pad. It’s necessary to have a note pad to write down your to-do-list. Get your shit together by making lists and tracking them, scratching them off one by one as you accomplish them.


  • Kindle Fire. Give the gift of a tablet that suits all this holiday season. The Kindle Fire is perfect for watching movies, surfing the internet, listening to music, reading e-books, and more. Choose from the Kindle Fire 7, 8, or 10, as all of them offer access to many features and apps. You can even download apps geared toward home or work organization.
  • Missing technology finder. Tired of losing your phone, keys, purse, or remote control? Then Tile is the answer, as it is a Bluetooth device that you attach to the items you want to keep track of. You simply use an app on your smartphone or tablet to locate it.
  • Clocky Run Away Alarm Clock. If you’re prone to pressing snooze over and over when you should be getting out of bed, this alarm clock is for you! Clocky is an alarm clock that sits on wheels so it can literally run away and get you out of bed. Clocky does allow you to turn the “run away” feature off though, for those days when you just want to snooze a gazillion times.
  • Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Wrist Watch. A watch full of features to assist you with home or office organization and entertainment. When you want to leave your phone at home, this is your ticket, as it’s like having a personal assistant with you.
  • Amazon Echo. If you love music, this is a wonderful way to listen throughout your home. It’s your voice activated Google, so-to-speak.


  • Fitness or stability ball. Embrace self-care in the form of exercise designed to get and keep you in shape. With a fitness or stability ball, you can strengthen your muscles and improve balance, flexibility and back strength.
  • Adult Coloring Books. Coloring books have a special quality: they help ease anxiety and stress. This holiday season, give the gift of coloring for those who struggle with ADHD. Choose from mandalas, paisley patterns, garden designs, and more. The simple truth is that most adults really enjoy coloring, though most have forgotten. Go ahead and remind them!
  • Ashwagandha Herbal Supplements. Ashwagandha is a natural herb that has been used to help reduce and/or drop anxiety. The herb also helps restore energy and give the immune system a boost.
  • True Calm Supplements. Relax overstimulated nerve cells with True Calm supplements. This blend helps regulate and balance the nervous system.
  • Nightwave Sleep Assistant. For those who have trouble falling asleep, Nightwave Sleep Assistant helps quiet your mind via a relaxation routine just before you fall asleep. A soft, blue light emanates from the gadget that you gaze at to synchronize your breath with the light waves, relaxing your brain activity so you can fall asleep.

Graphic Tees

  • Battery Powered ADHD T-Shirt. Enjoy this tee that reads, “Powered by ADHD” above a battery image. It’s subtle, yet this tee can help spark positive conversations about ad
Image: Unsplash

Dispatches From The 2nd Trimester

Dispatches From The 2nd Trimester

I attended a WordCamp today, basically a powwow where website creators dish on on all things WordPress, and it made me miss this blog really badly. I started my hiatus three months ago after becoming pregnant. It’s a very welcome development, but also really, really draining. Now in my second trimester, I’m in a difficult position of finally feeling able to pick it up again, but knowing my life is about to change again tenfold in a few short months. I grapple with the fear of going all in again only to have to shut it down once Gaby (working title) arrives.

But the show must go on. I have so many exciting tidbits to share about being pregnant and navigating career and family all while having ADHD. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

I’ve Been Busy Making An Eyeball

Ali Wong hits the nail on the head in her Netflix special Baby Cobra:

“I can already see how a child can take its toll on a marriage because the baby hasn’t even come out yet and I am already so resentful towards my husband,” Wong says. “So much resentment. Especially when he asks me to do stuff around the house: Hey, can you wash the dishes? NO! Hey, can you water the plants? I AM NOT DOING JACK SHIT ANYMORE, I’M BUSY MAKING AN EYEBALL. [full clip here]

Did I keep up my blog and all the admin tasks that come with it over the past three months? Nope! Did I pass all 6 of the AdWords certifications I attempted in the month of September? Nope! I did what I could, but you know what? I was busy making an eyeball.

I Haven’t Been Perfect, And I’m Good With That

My doctor advised me to only gain 10 pounds during this pregnancy because I am overweight. I promptly vowed to walk 30 minutes a day, remain fully hydrated at all times and only eat only the most nutritious foods. Have I stuck to this the entire time? Um, nope. Instead, I take the small victories where I can. I make sure my urine stays the correct shade of straw, I buy pre-prepped veggie and fruit snack trays from the produce section (because I’m too busy making an eyeball) and try to get in steps where I can. And, still I’m nowhere near perfect and I’m going to be okay with that.

Because I can’t take my ADHD medication, I’m not always 100% at work. I have days where I’m barely treading water, others where I completely blank out on something for no reason. While I haven’t given myself a carte blanche to just be a hot mess and expect everyone to clean up behind me, the one thing I don’t do is beat myself up. (Sometimes I do, but I try not to dwell. Stress is bad on the baby, right?)

I’m Trying To Enjoy The Moment

A few short months ago, I was lamenting about not being able to get pregnant. Now I’m so focused on what my limitations are and will be as I transition into motherhood. I’m sure in a couple of years my newest obsession will be conceiving Baby No. 2. The lesson I’m learning here is that I just need to enjoy what’s happening right now. I need to freaking live.

I’m not naive enough to think I’ll magically master the tenets of Buddhism, but there’s got to be a time when you say enough and realize that these meals out with your husband, these happy hours with co-workers (albeit dry these days) – they aren’t forever and their days are numbered. There’s a beautiful adventure waiting ahead, but still, times they are a’changing. I can’t squander my time focusing on what I don’t or won’t have.

I’m Showing Up When It Feels Right

I got really good at setting boundaries and saying “No” during my first trimester. And good for me, because honestly it’s taken 30+ years. Now that I’m feeling better in the second trimester, I’m making sure I still say “yes” once in awhile. That means a road trip to with my sister to a baby’s 1st birthday party. That means showing up more at my husband’s gigs. That means writing this blog. I’m not going to always nail it, but I’m still going to show up when I feel strong enough. Pro tip: The less pressure I put on myself, the easier it is for me to say yes. I also still am saying no and upholding those boundaries that have nurtured me so far. (So glad I learned how to do that before I became responsible for somebody else.)

How about you? What are you doing these days to ensure you’re managing your ADHD and all of life’s curve balls?

Photo: Unsplash/Vanessa Bumbeers

6 Chef-Inspired Lifehacks For ADHD Adults

6 Chef-Inspired Lifehacks For ADHD Adults

Americans spend nearly $10 billion a year on self-help and organization tools, reports NPR. In their story “For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef,” reporter Dan Charnas asks what ADHD adults can learn from mise en place philosophy that keeps professional kitchens running on all cylinders.

Literally translated from the French phrase “putting in place,” mise en place is a way of life for chefs, from thorough advanced planning to air-tight time management. Which begs the questions … what can those with ADHD learn by adopting this way of life?

Be In The Moment

When you’re in the kitchen, you can’t afford to be preoccupied with the dinner menu when you’re trying to get somebody’s lunch order correct. Only focusing on the task-at-hand is one of the main tenets of mise en place.

5 steps button

Put It Out The Night Before

From their chef whites to books and shoes, culinary students take great pains to have everything they need set out the night before. How much smoother would your morning go if your clothes were set out the night before and your lunch was already packed?

Live By Your List

One chef interviewed by Charnas would write the next day’s to-do list one his way home from work … then crumple it up. The next morning, he would write out the list again. He becomes one with his list, ensuring it is hardwired into his brain.

Give Everything A Place

Cooking stations are carefully set so that all of the tools and ingredients are situated for optimum efficiency. No searching for items or having items inconveniently out of reach. How could you rearrange your desk accessories for the mise en place way of life?

Respect Time

In some ways, mise en place has been compared with the rigidity of the military. In professional kitchens, punctuality is everything and tardiness is not tolerated. In turn, everything runs efficiently like a tight ship. In fact, chefs admit to not being able to turn this part of themselves off when they leave the kitchen.

Which ideas could you adopt from mise en place for your personal ADHD challenges? For more secret ingredients, sign up for the free cheat sheet5 Steps for Women With ADHD.”

Image: Unsplash/Katie Smith